How It All Works

What is Grind for Life?

The Grind for Life Organization is a 501(c)(3) that raises money to assist cancer patients with travel expenses for treatment that are not usually covered by health insurance.
The Grind for Life Series is a separate entity and operation organized by The Boardr that donates a portion of entry fees to the Grind for Life Organization.

How Much is the Entry Fee?

The entry fee is $35 when done online, $40 on the day of. Florida sales tax is added to all events in Florida where The Boardr is based.
The maximum entries per stop is 175. After that number is reached, online registration is shut down and no walk up registration is permitted.

What Division Should I Enter?

With the multiple options of age groups, advanced, adaptive, etc., it can get complicated figuring out which Division you should enter.
Go through this thought process to make a decision:
  • Discipline: First, figure out your discipline. That can be Street or Bowl/Park, or both. Street is the part of the course that traditionally includes ledges, stairs, handrails, bank ramps, and more. Bowl/Park is the part of the course that has bowl and transition features.
  • Division: From there, you’ve got to decide on entering your age group Division or the Advanced Division. The age group Divisions (9 and Under, 10 to 12, etc.) are generally for beginner to intermediate level riders. When you’re ready for a challenge, you can start entering the Advanced Division. Due to slightly lower participation in the Women’s Division, there is only one Division in each discipline that includes all ages and skill levels.
  • Adaptive: Adaptive Divisions are structured slightly differently and are not currently broken down by age, but simply by Beginner and Advanced.
  • Making Changes: Note that it’s also easy to change your Division on site if you feel like you want to after being on site for practice. Come find us at The Boardr tent and we can accommodate.

Can I Enter Multiple Divisions?

Within each discipline, currently Street and Bowl/Park, you can enter only one Division.

Can I Get a Refund for My Entry Fee?

Yes, refunds are issued for any reason from getting hurt, to not being able to make it, to simply cold feet. All you have to do is ask in person or via email Help@TheBoardr.com and we’ve got you.

What is Adaptive?

Adaptive is a term coined by disabled athletes to replace the negative stigma behind handicapped. The Adaptive Division is open to any individual competing with a disability. In 2021, The Boardr partnered with USA Skateboarding to have Adaptive Divisions at all stops. It’s your call on which Division you want to enter.
Oscar Loreto Jr discusses adaptive, his story, and how the clinics at Grind for Life Series work in this video:

What is USA Skateboarding?

Appointed by the International Olympic Committee as the recognized governing body for skateboarding in the United States, USA Skateboarding (USAS) is responsible for the selection, training, and fielding of national teams that compete in the Olympic Games, Pan American Games, and other sanctioned team events.

How Does Judging Work?

Three qualified judges note the tricks and runs done to determine their scores after the Jam is over based on a combination of difficulty, style, use of course, and trick selection. Their scores are averaged for your final score. Additional details about how judging and contests formats work can be found here at The Boardr site.

How Does the Competition Format Work?

  • Street: For Street Divisions, all the skaters in a Division are grouped into three-skater Jams to create the Start List. The three skaters in each Jam skate at the same time for three minutes. So, you’re never skating by yourself out there.
  • Bowl/Park: In the Bowl/Park Divisions, all the skaters are grouped into eight-skater Jams to create the Start List, however, each skater goes one at a time in order, three times total.
  • Start List: You can find Start Lists published on the site the day before the event to get an idea of when you’re skating and who you’re skating with.
  • Please note that sometimes there are minor adjustments based on participation and terrain.

How Do the Rankings for the Annual Awards Work?

The short version:
  • Your best three stops for the year count.
  • The final stop of the year is worth double points.
  • All year long, you always enter the age division for your current age.
    • Your age as of the Annual Awards date is used for your age group category for Awards purposes.
    • Advanced and Womens Divisions, which have no age groupings, work slightly differently. Details on that are below.
Full details:
The Boardr Global Rankings are the industry's most complete and current ranking system for professional and amateur skateboarding. These rankings are used to determine the rankings specific to GFL Series events.
All events you enter are assigned a point value in The Boardr Global Ranking System. The GFL Awards are calculated in a similar manner, but factor in only GFL events. Your best three placings for the year count towards calculating your GFL Season Ranking.
The final stop of the year is worth double points for Seasons Rankings purposes. Placings at the final stop will also be used to break any ties in the Rankings.
Your age as of the Annual Awards date is used for your age group category. This eliminates complexities with certain skaters advancing to a new age category within the year. All year long, you skate in the age division for the current age you're at, even if you move up in the middle of the year. Then at the end of the year, we use your current age on the Awards date and points to calculate the awards for each age Division.
For anyone who enters an Advanced or Women's Division during the year, they're separated and calculated as a group just for those Divisions since there's no age breakdown. Basically, if you enter an Advanced or Women's Division at any time during the year, you're considered to be in that category for the entire year. Because of that, if you're thinking of moving up to the Advanced Division, you should do it at the beginning of the year, not in the middle or the end.

What Information Do You Collect?

We collect basic information to report the public listing of results for your performance in the contest you enter, which includes name, age, sponsors if any, hometown, and a photo. All information except your name is optional. Contact us for requests to have your profile and all data removed from our systems. All the information we collect (except email) is 100% open and free for public viewing and therefore is not for sale. Email is used for sending a receipt of your transaction and post event review.

Who To Contact for More Questions?

Email Help@TheBoardr.com with any questions.