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Each year, we hold the Annual Grind for Life Awards at The Boardr HQ in Tampa.

The Boardr Global Rankings are the industry's most complete and current ranking system for professional and amateur skateboarding. These rankings are used to determine the rankings specific to GFL Series events. Current standings for GLF Series 2020 are below.

2020 Season Rankings

Street 9 and Under

Street 10 to 12

  • Ian Mazer
    3rd: Ian Mazer

    240 Points
    Age at Awards Date: 10

Street 13 to 15

Street 16 to 29

  • J T
    5th: J T

    140 Points
    Age at Awards Date: 26

Street 30 and Up

  • Dan Hare
    9th: Dan Hare

    100 Points
    Age at Awards Date: 43

Street Advanced

  • Zion Effs
    6th: Zion Effs

    150 Points
    Age at Awards Date: 11

Street Women

Bowl 9 and Under

Bowl 10 to 12

Bowl 13 to 39

Bowl 40 to 49

Bowl 50 and Up

  • Will Cox
    2nd: Will Cox

    300 Points
    Age at Awards Date: 58

  • BC aka BC
    6th: BC aka BC

    100 Points
    Age at Awards Date: 50

  • Tim Mott
    9th: Tim Mott

    95 Points
    Age at Awards Date: 52

Bowl Advanced

Bowl Women

How It Works

The results for each category are calculated as follows:

All events you enter are assigned a point value in The Boardr Global Ranking System. The GFL Awards are calculated in a similar manner, but factor in only GFL events. Your best three placings for the year count towards calculating your GFL Season Ranking.

The final stop of the year is worth double points for Seasons Rankings purposes. Placings at the final stop will also be used to break any ties in the Rankings.

Your age as of the Annual Awards date is used for your age group category. This eliminates complexities with certain skaters advancing to a new age category within the year. All year long, you skate in the age division for the current age you're at, even if you move up in the middle of the year. Then at the end of the year, we use your current age on the Awards date and points to calculate the awards for each age division.

For anyone who enters an Advanced or Women's Division during the year, they're separated and calculated as a group just for those divisions since there's no age breakdown. Basically, if you enter an Advanced or Women's division at any time during the year, you're considered to be in that category for the entire year. Because of that, if you're thinking of moving up to the Advanced Division, you should do it at the beginning of the year, not in the middle or the end.

NOTE: Correction made in late July 2020: the reports were not properly pulling people who had entered Advanced Divisions into only the Advanced Division for the year, meaning they were showing up in both Advanced and their age group, if they had entered both in the year. The reports are corrected now. This only affected people who moved divisions between their age group and the Advanced division in 2020. Street 16 to 29 Division and Bowl 13 to 39 had the most corrections. Appologies for the miscalculation. As of July 31, 2020, corrections have been made.