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Grind for Life Series Presented by Marinela is a U.S. national series of street and bowl skateboarding contests.

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About GFL Series

GFL REAL Skateboards Trophies
GFL Series is a national, all ages and skills skateboarding contest series benefiting the Grind for Life Organization, a 501(c)(3) non-profit that assists cancer patients with travel expenses.

Street and Bowl Divisions

Every stop at #GFLSeries has a Street and Bowl/Park Terrain division for all ages.

Street Division

GFL Street Skateboarding Contest Division

Bowl Division

GFL Bowl Skateboarding Contest Division

Awards and Rankings

#GFLSeries has a Seasons Rankings system with an end of year Awards Ceremony held in Tampa, Florida.

Annual Awards

GFL Series Skateboarding Annual Awards

Season Rankings

GFL Series Skateboarding Annual Season Rankings


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Your Sponsorship

Your sponsorship and support go directly to two causes: assisting Grind for Life with its mission to help cancer patients and allowing us to execute more of these fun and rewarding skateboarding events. Individuals can also donate to GFL here.

Contact us to get a conversation started on how we can include your brand in our missions:

General Information

The Grind for Life Organization is a 501(c)(3) organization that raises money to assist cancer patients with travel expenses for treatment that are not usually covered by health insurance.

The Grind for Life Series is a completely separate organization under The Boardr that donates a portion of entry fees to the Grind for Life Organization.

What is the Entry Fee?

The entry fee is $35 when done online, $40 on the day of. Florida sales tax is added to all events in Florida where The Boardr is based.

First time entrants can enter their first division for free. Submit your free registration request here.

What is the Judging Criteria?

Three qualified judges note the tricks and runs done to determine their scores after the jam is over based on a combination of difficulty, style, and trick selection. Their scores are averaged for your final score.

What Information Do You Collect?

We collect basic information to report the public listing of results for your performance in the contest you enter, which includes name, age, sponsors if any, hometown, and a photo. All information except your name is optional. Contact us for requests to have your profile and all data removed from our systems. All the information we collect (except email) is 100% open and free for public viewing and therefore is not for sale. Email is used for sending a receipt of your transaction and post event review.